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TV Interactions

Bring people into a second screen experience during TV shows, series and movies for live interactions. Any content you want to share for interactions is available through Timeline. On smartphones, tablets or web, Timeline is your app for second screen interactions. Any show on TV can use a second screen app to interact with people. Programs such as sports show, sports games, news, weather, talk shows, series, movies, … In Belgium, RTL TVI is working with our Timeline for their TV shows, series, … For example, Timeline is used for culinary TV shows to provide people interactions, quizz, informations, recipes, … For the TV series HAWAI 5-0, RTL TVI proposed the audience to vote for the guilty people in the episod. The producers provided 3 possible ends in related to the choice of the audience. The suspect who got the most votes, was guilty at the end of the episod.

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