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Timeline by Screenity

Timeline by Screenity is the mobile app available on the app store and on the play store to interact with people during your events, presentations, congress, TV Shows, radio shows, …

Thanks to this app, you don’t need to develop a specific one. You pay a monthly fee to use it. When you create an account, you receive an access to the backend to create interactions and lin kit with a code to use the app. You can than communicate to everyone that they can link to your content by writing the code in the app. The backend allows you to create several Timeline linked with different codes. If you have different events the same day, you can create different Timeline with different codes to log into the app.

There is also a possibility to brand the app with your icone, your background, your specific interactions. The Timeline will be available on the app store and play store with your logo, your name, … people will download « your app » that will functionnate like the current Timeline by Screenity app.

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