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Sports mobile app

You are a football/basket/hockey/soccer club and you want to provide a mobile app for your fans and supporters ? Really easy : Timeline by Screenity is the solution. The technology allows you to interact with people through this sports mobile app but also through your mobile app by integrating our technology as an SDK into your mobile app. In any case you can easily interact with your fans and supporters. Givet hem the chance to win a specific match shirt by organising a contest in the mobile app Timeline by Screenity. All the fans and supporters around the world who owns a smartphone or a table twill receive the chance to interact with you and to engage them more into your club and history. They will receive the chance to vote for the Man Of the Match, to rate the equipment of the team or to rate the coach choices and the umpire decisions… Timeline by Screenity can be used during every sports events such as football matches, tennis tournament, cricket games, swimming races, bicycle races, …

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