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Connect your smartphones and tablets to TV shows, movies, cartoons, presentations, events, football matches, … By using the « Connect feature » you will link the public experience with a mobile application, Timeline by Screenity. RTL TVI has created a « Connect » feature into hteir mobile app to notify to people that when they « Connect » they will be linked with the Timeline during TV shows, movies, series,… on RTL TVI ! This feature is appreciated by all the TV audience and the people who use it with their smartphones and tablets. This « Connect » could also be your way to connect with people during events, TV shows, movies, cartoons, football match, tennis tournament, … You have three posibilités to connect : 1. You use Timeline by Screenity as such and you provide content throught this app. 2. You use the technology of the Timeline but we brand this app for you. 3. You integrate Timeline technology in an existing or new app.

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